Monday, March 23, 2015

The Demise of Camwhores and whats next

I'm sure you've seen my post on twitter about the demise of Camwhores. Mr and I did our last show 4 days before the site closed its doors forever. In its place some of us girls and some of the more prevalent members took it upon ourselves to make Portal 11, anyone aware of the histroy of CW will understand. For the rest of you its simple, CW evolved out of an old school webcam portal called Portal 9. A number of us girls aren't quite ready to let go of the still picture style exposure and live chat with lots of members and other girls. So we started Portal 11 an IRC style chat portal.

I will be doing a good deal of my off cam time chatting there, so you can always stop by and just see what I'm up to. In addition to that Kevin Day, owner of CW, has released all of our copyrights back to the girls. What does this mean? This means that over the corse of the next few weeks or months I will be re-releasing all of my old CW content with a pay what you want model, with a small minimum payment. I'm thinking 1 or 2 bucks... beyond that I'll be on Chaturbate and StripArcade but I have no set schedule at this time. You can also find me in the camwhores subreddit.

So thats all for now...

Friday, September 12, 2014


Yesterday was MR's birthday!!  So I took a special picture set for him, I'll share it with you because why not. And I'm planing something special for my birthday, so check back during the first week of October.

the rest can be found here.
And I made a post to /r/GWBodyWriting, if you have a reddit account and would like to comment feel free.

I'm also steadily working on my Patreon account, the first project is an outside shower. I'm putting reward ideas together, most of which are going to be content from the previous or current project. For this first project though its going to be just an amalgm of stuff, some new some not. Again its a work in progress.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Naked oiled TWISTER!

Today's show is special, I broke out the twister mat! Mr is in charge of the spinner, too bad I don't have another girl to play with. That's okay you can still watch me contort my self to meet the Oiled Twister challenge on Camwhores later today. Check my twitter for the time.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Just derping around and ohh hay $50 for my tits. COOL!

Came across this randomly awesome post in /r/drcrypto so I went for it because why not.

The number string is to prove its me posting

Dude totally paid out, TrollHarderer you are a pervy gentleman and I salute you.

In addition I would like to anounce that I am creating a profile on Patreon as a content creator as well. I'm going to start posting things soon, when I do I'll post my private address so you all can find me. Soon as I get it figured out lol.